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Kirigami-DX is an innovative solution for audit, control and data integration. This solution was created by functional experts and supports the process of business of our client’s data.


The “digitalization” or “Big Data” has generated new challenges. Kirigami-DX is an innovative solution, deployed at many financial, technological, industrial or retail players.

Kirigami-DX, with his visual approach for collections and controls, helps to accelerate the achievement of complete projects in many areas where the collection, auditing, data control became a major issues of the reliability of business processes.

Kirigami-DX allows you to :

  • Quickly view and handle data volumes of heterogeneous data, allowing users to more easily access their Information system.
  • Give strategic priority to the quality of the data, and especially to ensure the process of data validation or ensure the reliability of all transactions.
  • Structure and analyze multiple sources of heterogeneous data directly by users.
  • Optimize costs, with strong leverage effects on the duration of developments and maintenance of traditional technical solutions.


Kirigami-DX facilitates direct interaction of business with their data by providing collection capabilities, visualization, validation and transformation. These steps are available directly on the screen in the form of functional processes.

An agile and graphical tool:

  • Intuitive and Visual user interface.
  • Preview of data processed and the exceptions at all stages of treatment.
  • Proof balance, position check and reconciliations.

KDX offers the following:

  • Extraction of data from multiple sources.
  • Management of data dictionaries.
  • Multiple validations.
  • Transformations.
  • Visualization of the sequence steps.
  • Standardization and consolidation of data.

In addition to these features, KDX offers the possibility of:

  • Produce standardized synthesis and normalized reports.
  • Restore consolidated data sets.

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Business Case n°1 : Significantly reduce projects duration around the data

The project team of a North American bank wanted to automate its OTC derivatives processes in a very short time because of regulatory pressures. The estimated working time for the establishment of the OTC was evaluated at 6 months, without taking into account the testing phase. KIRIGAMI-DX has been selected to be the tool for a rapid implementation of the project: Proof Balance, position check, analysis, migration and data sharing were achieved through the use of KIRIGAMI-DX software.

Results :

  • First estimated at 6 months, the project was developed in 2 weeks;
  • Simplification of IT processes and import data directly possible from Excel;
  • The overall project cycle was shortened by 70%;
  • Kirigami -DX is now a key tool for operational teams as part of their project.


Business Case n°2 : A business accelerator for the certification of reconciliation of a large French bank.

Fragmented and manual in the past , certification reconciliations between the accounting system and management systems have been significantly improved by the use of Kirigami-DX.
It is now a key software of the closing process.

Results :
The use of KIRIGMI-DX as accelerator in the results of the monitoring process between the Front and Accounting systems has multiple benefits:

  • Control of time by collecting data from heterogeneous systems by nature and in a context of execution frequency of large and bulky reconciliation in closing period.
  • Control of data quality by automating functional tests during the collection of information.
  • Increased responsiveness against the evolution of product codes or other static data owned by finance teams.
  • Improved sustainability of reconciliation and stability arrangements in the certification process in the organization.

The control procedures and accounting certification is better controlled and made reliable , it allows teams to focus on the real differences and thus reduce costs significantly treatments.

David Benattar – CEO MyABCM France

Accelerate the deployment of our software solutions.

The implementation of a cost calculation model requires access to many sources of data, often heterogeneous (ERP , Excel and Small Data , etc.): eg accounting data , indicators ( Equivalent full-time , Square meter, etc.), referential ( organization, products … ) .
Kirigami -DX offers the opportunity for our customers to have an agile module completely graphical , easily understandable and usable by controllers (two days of accompaniment sufficient) allowing them to access their data integration and powerful transformation functions , essential for feeding a cost computing solution as MyABCm.
The implementation of our MyABCm solution is thus considerably facilitated.

Management Control Department, STIME

Consolidate and standardize feeding of budgetary process

The Project:
As part of the overhaul of its management control system and particularly its budget management in ABC mode, STIME chose the MyABCM offers and Kirigami -DX to replace SAP PCM.
In a rationalization process and urbanization, the challenge ahead was to be both more efficient and more reliable while simplifying the process which takes place every year from June to September.
This Project allows to:

  • Replace daily feeding process data representative of the group’s life, made many process Excel and VBA macro developments,
  • To provide monitoring indicators for operational by the destocking of data at an atomic level (400 drivers, 500 items of cost …),
  • Distribute data to new business application-oriented.

Results :
Xavier TREBOUTA, Deputy Director of Management Control, and his team “ABC” constituted of Alexandre Fernandes and Axel FROT testify::
” After training for 2 days we grip ourselves Kirigami DX – which proved to be both user friendly and ergonomic in use and powerful in its features.
We’ve eliminated all manual feeding process , sources of error, and the various existing steps in the previous solution , replacing them with a single treatment including restatements , aggregations and controls.
We appreciate the ease of development through visibility from end to end on the data processing. It is a solid base for process documentation implemented directly by users.”
STIME is the IT subsidiary of Groupement des Mousquetaires, a major supermarkets in Europe.
Founded in 1974, the STIME now has over 800 employees and generates in turnover of almost € 200 million. It is located in 3 countries : France, Poland and Portugal.. Its main tasks are to “design and implement IT of the Group in France and abroad to meet the performance requirements of the Group and to the satisfaction of consumer “.
Its clients represent 3600 sales outlets in Europe (including 2,800 stores in France ) and are subsidiaries of services, production units, warehouses and central purchasing centers.

Our Partners


MyABCM develops, publishes and distributes enterprise performance management software designed to identify operational levers and / or strategic to optimize profitability (Cost Calculation, Costing, Native support of the ABC methodology).

MyABCM chose KDX solution to accelerate the implementation of its solutions for its clients.


Fiserv is a group specialized in IT services for the banking and finance, with over 21,000 employees located in 148 countries worldwide and serves more than 13,000 customers. The company is recognized for the quality of its services and technological innovation, including award-winning solutions for mobile banking and online payments, management risk, data analysis.

FISERV referenced KDX as recommended solution to its customers.


Investance is a leading French management consulting firm dedicated to the Banking, Finance and Insurance. Its sectoral approach allows for optimum business impact, while offering tailor-made support. The company is also recognized for the quality of its many publications.

Investance uses KDX as part of its missions.

Partner IT Group

Partner It Group is a European company specializing in the field of information technology. Its mission is to support companies in their digital transformation and development. Since 2008, we are a strategic partner for our customers, providing operational solutions in the management IT infrastructure, CIOs outsourced software engineering and integration of business solutions.

Partner IT Group uses the KDX solution to facilitate reconciliation and optimize data integration projects and also offers the solution to its SME / SMI clients.

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